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A golden opportunity for Mohamed Salah to wear the Liverpool captaincy


 A golden opportunity for Mohamed Salah to wear the Liverpool captaincy

The English "Liverpool Echo" network shed light on the Liverpool star Mohamed Salah and the possibility of him obtaining the captaincy in the coming period.

Salah had previously admitted his frustration at not wearing the captaincy during the match against Maitland in the final round of the Champions League group stage, last December.

A golden opportunity for Mohamed Salah to wear the Liverpool captaincy

Jürgen Klopp granted Trent Alexander-Arnold the captaincy in that match, as none of the selected leaders were present on the pitch.

Salah did not hide his distress from Klopp's behavior, as he admitted that he was hoping to obtain the captaincy instead of Arnold in the aforementioned match (see details from here).

The English "Liverpool Echo" network sees:

 Salah has a perfect opportunity to prove himself and how competent he is by wearing the captaincy in the coming period, in light of the injury of the team leaders.

Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson suffered a connective muscle injury during the Everton match on Saturday, in the 25th round of the English Premier League.

And press reports spread that Henderson could be absent from the Premier League champions until the end of the current season.

On the other hand, second captain James Milner suffers from a hamstring injury that he suffered during the Leicester City match last week, while Virgil Van Dyck has been absent from Liverpool since October due to a torn knee ligament.

The fourth remaining captain, Jorginho Wijnaldum, must fill the void left by Henderson due to injury.

But what if Wijnaldum misses the starting line-up in a match? Or was he exposed to an injury that forced him to leave?

Here, Mohamed Salah gets a golden chance to prove himself, according to "Liverpool Echo", Mo is considered a world star on the field but being a leader means much more than having incredible skills, as you need to be a leader and someone who fans and players alike turn to. In difficult times.

Last week, just 24 hours after Liverpool fell to Leicester City in the Premier League, Salah sent a message to the club's fans by making a promise that they would fight until the end and work to correct the poor results.

In the same week, Salah scored the first goal for Liverpool against Leipzig in the first leg of the 16th round of the Champions League, in a match that was won by the English team with two goals without a response.

In the opinion of "Liverpool Echo":
  What happened is a sign that Salah can take responsibility and face the current problem of significantly poor Liverpool results this season.

Salah will need to do this again to help his team regain balance and return to the path of positive results, and then at that time he will prove his willingness to wear the captaincy he desires.