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Here's what happened with the XRP digital currency today


 After a noticeable rise and fall ... Here's what happened with the digital currency Ripple XRP today

Today, most of the cryptocurrency groups are talking about XRP and the group that promised to pump the currency on February 1st.

On Monday morning, the digital currency XRP rose and reached a record price in 2021, where the currency's price reached almost $ 0.75.

Which made many of those anticipating the performance of the currency excited about its performance and optimistic about what will come from the pumping group that set the date for February 1 at 13:30 UTC to start the pumping process.

But, as it is known, institutions and large whales are silently watching and calculating how they can win their profits as well.

Today, as the price of Ripple continues to rise, Ripple itself has unleashed 1 billion XRPs from its escrow portfolio and pumped it into the market.

Several other major players, such as "Bitstamp" and "Coinbase", have also transferred 645 million XRP.

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Ripple opens 1 billion XRP in the market from the escrow balance:

According to Whale Alert data, Ripple has opened a whopping 1 billion XRP amount of collateral.

800 million of released XRP is reserved, as a rule, and Ripple reserves about $ 200 million for its operating expenses, investments, etc.

This led the US Securities and Exchange Commission to indict Ripple previously for selling XRP as unregistered securities.

Bitstamp and CoinPiece move 645 million XRP:

The Twitter account "Whale Alert" also mentioned that other major players in the cryptocurrency market, such as Luxembourg-based Bitstamp and Coinbase, the largest trading platform in the United States, have transferred an amount of 645 million XRP.

The "Bitstamp" platform is among the largest European platforms that provide direct trading of the Ripple currency against the Euro currency XRP / EUR.

40 million XRP was also sent to the "BitGo" storage platform, which Ripple uses to store XRP.

As for CoinBase, it transferred 400 million XRP at once between its wallets.

Thomas Silkjær, CEO and Founder of XRPlorer commented that Coinbase moved money from its cold wallet to its hot wallet.

 It is worth noting that the CoinBase platform had previously announced the suspension of trading of the XRP digital currency due to a lawsuit by the Securities and Exchange Commission.

As a result of these huge transfers and other unknown factors, the Ripple currency fell dramatically and almost as fast as the rise, after the Ripple currency managed to fly high and return to the third place behind both Bitcoin and Ethereum, it returned to the fourth place after the “DOT” currency fell to the fifth place.

We previously warned and warned in a previous article that what is happening is fraught with dangers, especially in light of the rise in FOMO sentiments and the promise of an artificial rise.