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Weber gas grill includes internet and digital display


 Weber gas grill includes internet and digital display

Weber is expanding its line of internet-connected grills to include its popular gas models, including the Spirt range, which provides wireless and Bluetooth connectivity for temperature tracking with an integrated digital display.

Online grills are not a new concept for Weber, they have introduced a line of iGrill meat thermometers for years as additions to their existing grill appliances.

Last year, it launched the second generation of Weber Connect smart grill hub accessories, which introduces the latest and most advanced Weber Connect app.

Weber gas grill includes internet and digital display

Weber Connect smart grill features have also been showcased via SmokeFire grills.

The inclusion of smart technology to control things like temperature or cookie control makes more sense for SmokeFire grills, which require longer cooking times at lower temperatures by virtue of their cooking style.

The ability to monitor how meat is prepared or adjust the temperature from inside the home is also useful additions to SmokeFire grills.

The Weber Connect add-ons are fun, as the temperature sensors connected to a wireless network are a useful grilling tool, especially for new cooks or when working with large steaks.

The app also provides complete guides and step-by-step grill recipes with countdown timers and instructions on setting the grill temperature for each stage of cooking, and even notifications for things like flipping burgers.

Perhaps the most useful is that propane models for smart grills can monitor the amount of gas remaining in the tank and notify you through the app when it's running low.

The new Weber Connect grills are available across the Genesis range with Genesis EX-315 models at $ 1029, EX-335 at $ 1239 and SX-335 at $ 1349, which offer more premium features, such as: a heating rack and built-in LED lights for grilling at night.

The company is also offering the smaller Spirit SX-315 smart grill at $ 849, and the new Weber Connect smart grill range is slated to launch later this spring.