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The reasons that pushed Sony to the abyss in the smartphone market


 The reasons that pushed Sony to the abyss in the smartphone market

The popularity of the giant Sony in the field of mobile phones has decreased significantly in the recent period, we no longer see many new devices on the market, especially after the emergence of both Huawei and Xiaomi on the smartphone arena, which led to Sony suddenly withdrawing from this market at home Al-Arabi and incurred many losses and inflicted on previous victims such as Nokia, LG and HTC, what are the reasons that led to this great decline, let us list them to you in the next lines of this article.

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1. Pride in past glories

During the first decade of the twenty-first century, Sony met with great success when it launched a good number of mobile phones, which witnessed unrivaled approval among fans of the company in the meantime under the Sony Ericcson brand, as it introduced powerful devices at the time with camera capabilities and operation Music.

To acquire nearly 9% of the mobile phone market in 2007, then the company entered the Android world in 2010 and began launching many prominent models of the Xperia series, thus capturing nearly 5% of the global mobile phone market at its peak in 2013. And it nearly became the third-largest manufacturer of phones by 2014.

But instead of continuing to progress, the company began to retreat, and one of the main reasons for this delay is the general strategy that the company pursues in the phone market, which is still heavily influenced in the past, as the company remained insistent on offering phones with very normal technical specifications and at high prices compared to the rest of the competitors. Which cut its sales and led to a collapse.

2. Worn and outdated design

Apart from the problems that the company faced in its deals with telecom companies and transportation companies, it apparently did not have any global strategy, not even a future outlook for developments in events, market requirements and users' desire. All it was doing was offering smartphones with different names, but in terms of design, there is no Any change to be mentioned from the previous devices.

The company preferred to remain within the phones with a serious appearance suitable for businessmen, which added a stamp of irony and boredom from those shapes and designs with large edges, but Sony did not remain rigid in the external design only, but also the interior with a single software experience identical day after day of what The situation worsened.

3. Not to benefit from the experiences

Sony was one of the largest companies contributing to providing smart phone cameras and sensors to many other companies, as Apple used its products in a device such as the iPhone XS Max, so Sony would then play the megapixel game by providing its phones with 23-megapixel sensors, while its competitors still adopted the 12 resolution. Mega pixels.

Some may think that Sony won the round with this movement, but it did not actually benefit anything, because the low-resolution sensors are less vulnerable to digital noise, which allows it to provide clearer images despite the decrease in the number of pixels, and the company ignored the use of dual cameras For a long time I bet on video recording at 960 frames per second.

To make matters worse, the company was slow to adapt to market trends, as it was very late in launching a flagship phone with an OLED screen, and was also late in abandoning the large bezels in the screen, but it was quick to ditch the headphone jack to betray the confidence of the class music lovers Which I have supported so much in the past.