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The goal of Mohamed Salah from a penalty kick against Manchester City today


 The goal of Mohamed Salah from a penalty kick against Manchester City today

The international Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player, scored the equalizer for his team against Manchester City in the 23rd round of the English Premier League at Anfield, the Reds stronghold.

And Mohamed Salah got a penalty kick in the 62nd minute after he handicapped Mohamed Salah, and the referee did not hesitate to count it.
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Salah took the penalty kick in the 63rd minute and was able to equalize in favor of Liverpool after aiming it in the middle of the goal, while Ederson went to the right.

With this goal, Mohamed Salah equaled the number of his teammate, Sadu Mane, with 91 goals in the English Premier League, and reduced the difference with Durgba, Africa's 104 goalscorer in the Premier League.