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The demand for computers Chromebook is doubling


The demand for computers Chromebook is doubling

Demand for Chromebooks soared in 2020 as people were forced to work and learn from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

Market research firm Canalys estimated that Chromebook shipments more than doubled in 2020, from 14.7 million to 30.7 million.

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She said: The increase in demand was a necessary issue, and with the second wave of Corona virus that led to new closures and more distance education, schools and students often did not have much choice but to order mobile devices.

Market research firm Canalys also indicated that the tablet's earnings were modest in part because the market was large.

The global market for computers (including tablets) ended 2020 on the rise, achieving the third consecutive quarter of annual growth, and shipments reached 143.7 million units in the fourth quarter, an increase of 35 percent year-on-year.

Total shipments for 2020 grew by 17 percent to 458.2 million units, the highest volume since 2015.

Lenovo led the market in the fourth quarter and full year, with shipments of 28.8 million and 87.0 million units, respectively.

On the back of excellent iPad performance, Apple, which ranked second, closed the gap with Lenovo and shipped 26.4 million Macs and iPads in the fourth quarter, for a total of 81.4 million units for the whole year.

HP, Dell and Samsung made up the rest of the top five, with each recording double-digit shipments growth in the fourth quarter of 2020.

The Chromebooks vendors enjoyed new levels of success in the fourth quarter, as the overall market size nearly quadrupled compared to the same period last year.

HP maintained its market lead by shipping 3.5 million units, an increase of 235 percent year-on-year.

Lenovo ranked second in the Chromebook market, after it was able to significantly increase production to reach 2.8 million units, with a growth rate of 1766 percent.

Acer and Dell also maintained their position in the fourth quarter, shipping 1.5 million units each.

Samsung overtook Apple to take fifth place, shipping just over 1 million units, up 630 percent from last year.

The holiday quarter brought continued tablet power, with shipments reaching an all-time high of 52.8 million units, with a total of 160.6 million units in 2020 and a growth of 28 percent compared to 2019.

Chromebooks recorded record shipments of 11.2 million units in the fourth quarter of 2020, a marked increase of 287 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2019, bringing the total for the whole of 2020 to 30.6 million units.

Apple consolidated its dominance in the tablet market, with its fourth-quarter shipments growing 40 percent to 19.2 million, the best performance for iPads since the fourth quarter of 2014.

Samsung maintained its second position in the market, as it shipped 9.9 million tablets, up 41 percent from the fourth quarter of 2019.

Amazon climbed to third place on the back of strong demand this holiday season, shipping 6.5 million tablets.

Lenovo was the fastest growing seller in the fourth quarter, increasing sales volume by 125 percent to 5.6 million units.

Huawei was the only seller in the top five to see shipments drop year-on-year.