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Quickly, delete these add-ons from the Google Chrome browser .. Very dangerous


 Quickly, delete these add-ons from the Google Chrome browser .. Very dangerous

Google Chrome extensions are still not 100% safe. When we install a common one, we are pretty sure that the virus will not infect us. However, they discovered 17 Google Chrome extensions that had millions of downloads that modified search results to provide malicious results.

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The attack being sponsored by these plugins, which Avast described as CacheFlow, has been the worst hit by Brazil, Ukraine, France, Argentina and Spain.
The attack started when users downloaded these add-ons. Once installed, the extension sends Analytics requests, which simulate Google Analytics requests, to a remote server. From there, the server will send hidden commands to download a second payload that was responsible for downloading the final JavaScript malicious code. All this was hard to figure out, as this type of request had not yet been discovered.

The extensions then steal personal data such as birthdays, email addresses, location and device activity, with a special focus on collecting data from Google.

The malicious code also injected a code into each tab and used it to modify search engine results in Chrome and Edge, to transfer the user to other websites. This could lead, for example, to phishing, which leads to, for example, a website impersonating PayPal or others and stealing your account.

  This addition has infected millions of users. Therefore, we advise you to hurry up and delete it immediately if it is installed in your browser, and it is as follows:

Direct Message for Instagram 

DM for Instagram 

Invisible mode for Instagram Direct Message 

Downloader for Instagram 

App Phone for Instagram  bhfoemlllidnfefgkeaeocnageepbael

Stories for Instagram – 

Universal Video Downloader  

Video Downloader for FaceBook™  

Vimeo™ Video Downloader 

Zoomer for Instagram and FaceBook 

VK UnBlock. Works fast    

Odnoklassniki UnBlock. Works quickly  

Spotify Music Downloader  

The New York Times News 


Скачать фото и видео из

All of these add-ons have been removed from the Google Chrome store, so if you still have them installed, hurry up to remove them.