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So far, these are the 11 best websites that will make you a professional hacker


 So far, these are the 11 best websites that will make you a professional hacker

Many people want to learn the hacker. But as we know that hacking and piracy are illegal things, so it is difficult to find a way to learn the hacker, but there are some networks on the Internet that give lessons about piracy and hacking, and the science of hacking exists only because of the weakness of technology. Today most pirates are young people and many young people want to learn hacking and learning hacking is a skill that is like having a knife in the virtual world. So, in this article I present to you a large list of 16 Best Ethical Hacking Learning Sites.

1- hacking tutorial

It is one of the largest sites on the Internet and this network has proven that there is no need to be a learner of the English language, so you can understand it a little to learn, and there are explanations for many of the software weaknesses. Explanations in boring detail. On this site, all lessons are downloadable and boring learning. I invite you to discover the site yourself.

2- Hack In The Box

It is the second best site for learning ethical hacking. This site has become remarkably popular in recent years, and the site's domain name has been changed to hitb, which is an abbreviation of the site's name, the site has been focusing on security and ethical piracy for many years.

3- EvilZone Hacking Forums

It is one of the biggest hacking forums on the internet and also the best hacking learning site. Also, this community likely has all the skills and personnel to answer any question that comes to your mind about hacking. All lessons explained on site very serious

4- Hack a Day

As its name indicates, today it is also the best site for learning ethical hacking on the internet. This site definitely offers an amazing library of information for anyone looking for specific categories like hacked cell phones, GPS or digital cameras and much more.

5- EC-Council

The International Council for E-Commerce Consulting is an organization based (European Council) members working in various e-business and information security skills. The International Council of E-Commerce Consulting, also known as the EC Council, is the largest technical security body.

7- MetaSploit

Metasploit is one of the world's most popular software penetration testers that has already helped a lot of organizations to improve their security. Where the Metasploit Blog is a great place to start. Get information, free tools, tutorials and more.

8- SecTools

This site focuses on the security tools available in the market. It provides explanations on how to protect network security. The list is updated often. This site also provides details about security tools

9- Cybrary

Cyberare is a site that was launched on January 13, 2015. The main goal of this site is to provide lessons on how to get started with various security tools. The best thing Cyber ​​offers is video explanations on ethical hacking that describe all it takes to become an ethical hacker.

10- Security Tube

If you prefer to watch videos to learn about ethical hacking, this site provides videos for ethical hacking and information security. You can even learn more about basic penetration testing.

11- EDX

With EdX you can enroll in the latest computer science courses that cover important topics in artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, software engineering, and big data. Users can sign up for free.
Top is the best site for learning ethical hacking. Through these sites, you can easily learn ethical hacking by just sitting in your room and exploring and learning, and you will learn the weaknesses of many programs such as browsers, and much more. You can become moral aversion by continuing to learn. You may find some drawbacks in the primitive, but don't give up easily.