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How to view all the posts that you liked and commented on since you opened Facebook until now


 How to view all the posts that you liked and commented on since you opened Facebook until now

Facebook remains one of the most popular apps among Android users, which we can master thanks to several tricks. Social Network is one of those apps where you spend a lot of time on a regular basis. In the time you spend it is common to like the many posts, friends, or pages you follow or view.

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Maybe you were looking for a post, picture or comment that you liked on your Facebook account at a certain time, but you no longer remember the page or profile on which you liked a post. If you are looking for something like this, all posts you liked can be found in the social network.
Facebook contains an activity log, where we will be able to see everything we have done on our account. In this activity log, you can see the searches you've made, the comments you've posted, and what we've liked. So that we can know all this, follow these steps to get to it:

Open Facebook on your phone.

- Click on the three horizontal lines icon.

- Scroll down to the Activity Log section and enter this section.

- You will be shown the record of everything you searched for automatically. To be able to automatically see everything you searched for, what you liked, click on the second section above and select the likes

Log your Facebook activity, organized in chronological order, with the dates you performed these actions (from searching to liking a post and commenting). If you remember the date, then you will only have to find that specific day that you liked a photo or comment on the social network. In case you don't remember it, you will have to search this history.