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How to remove annoying cookie notifications on sites forever


 How to remove annoying cookie notifications on sites forever

Also tired of the constant notifications showing which cookies you have to accept every time you access a website? These messages, which are mandatory to adapt pages to data usage regulations, are a constant nuisance that can be avoided by using extensions like Ninja Cookie.

Add Ninja Cookie.

To end these notifications, we had previously suggested to you an add-on, but I've been comparing results in recent days with those of Ninja Cookie, and for me, Ninja Cookie wins. It's a free extension available for all major browsers, including Safari, saving us a lot of trouble. A pity that at the moment it is not available for mobile.

Getting started with Ninja Cookie is as easy as installing the extension from the Chrome Web Store or Firefox Store. Or in Safari, and once it's activated, we'll never see cookie notifications again on the sites.

The extension also has a paid option for functions like whitelisting or permanent pausing for an extension in a tab. You will have to pay 0.50 cents a month, but for most people and use cases the free plan will be more than enough.