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How many goals does Cristiano Ronaldo have in his career so far?


 How many goals does Cristiano Ronaldo have in his career so far?

We will get to know with you the number of goals that Cristiano Ronaldo has scored in his football career so far with various teams and at the international level with the Portugal national team in detail.
Cristiano Ronaldo culminated in his great efforts during the years of his career by achieving his goal number 700 at various levels, whether at the international level or with his various teams.

Ronaldo scored the 700th goal through his success in translating a penalty kick with the Portuguese national team against Ukraine, in the match in which he defeated the Don's companions with two goals to a goal in the Euro 2020 qualifiers.

This historic goal made Ronaldo the sixth highest scorer in the ball in its history after the Czechoslovakian Pekan, Brazil's Romario, Pele, German Gerd Muller and Hungary Puskas, but he did not stop.

Not only that, but this goal made Ronaldo a few steps away from reaching the record for Iranian Ali Al-Daei, the historic scorer for teams around the world with 109 goals, as the former Real Madrid star reached his 95th international goal in his career.

In this report, we review with you the number of goals Ronaldo scored in every team that wore his shirt since the beginning of his professional career.

Manchester United .. Ronaldo's real start

19 million euros was the value that Ronaldo joined Manchester United from Sporting Lisbon based on the keen desire of Sir Alex Ferguson and after strong competition from Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. Only 18 years old.

During the 6 years that Ronaldo spent inside the theater of dreams, he did not hesitate to appear at all times as the first man to save the Manio, and he was crowned by the Red Devils with a large number of tournaments, the most important of which was the European Champions League at the expense of Chelsea in 2008.

The Portuguese international during his stay in Manchester was a winger in the first class more than an outspoken striker, a goal machine, but in spite of that he was one of the Premier League goalscorers and his team, for example in the 2007/08 season he scored 42 goals, which was a record at the time, and certainly my goal number is like this. Jinnah is something very interesting and a sign of how good it is.

Ronaldo, in his last season in the Premier League, scored 26 goals, reversing his first season in which he scored 6 goals, then 9 in the second season, 12 and 23, reaching the last two seasons, to culminate his efforts with the Golden Ball at the expense of Lionel Messi, before making the most important decision in his career to join the Real Madrid team .

Real Madrid .. Ronaldo turned into a goals machine

Ronaldo joined Real Madrid in 2009 with a record financial value of 94 million euros, being the most expensive deal in history at the time, and as usual, the Portuguese proved his worth and what Florentino Perez paid for him.

The focal point that transformed Ronaldo from just a winger with a scoring tendency to a legendary goal-scorer who later reached 700 goals, was in his second season at the Royal, when Real Madrid contracted with the capable coach Jose Mourinho, with whom matters turned Real and also Ronaldo turned into a player more Positive on goal and his scoring rates rose significantly.

Throughout Mourinho's presence at Real Madrid, Ronaldo did not say 50 goals at all, but scored 53 goals in the first season, then 60 goals in his second season (in which he brought the League to Real Madrid's coffers after a long absence), and was satisfied with 55 goals in the third Taking into account that the season that Ronaldo spent before Mourinho's arrival during Manuel Pellegrini's reign from the Real Madrid bench, he scored only 33 goals.

Ronaldo has since turned into a goal machine that does not stop even after Mourinho's departure. He continued the same way with Carlo Ancelotti and Zinedine Zidane as well, so that the total of what he scored with Real Madrid's jersey was only 450 goals in various tournaments, and it is not forgotten that he was crowned with four European Champions League titles, including Three successions in a unique achievement that Don had the greatest impact on, according to everyone's testimony.

Ronaldo with the Portugal national team

Arrows of criticism were always thrown at Ronaldo at one point, under the pretext of not influencing and achieving international championships with the Portugal national team. However, the player who started at the age of 18 years his international career and achieved the title of Euro 2004 and the fourth World Cup 2006 in Germany, returned again and proved his legend after He led his country to the European Nations Cup 2016 in France at the expense of the owners of the land, then the Confederations Cup.

The size of Ronaldo's international influence can be appreciated by what his coach Fernando Santos said: "We are the Ronaldo team and we are proud." This indicates his value, and even if talking about numbers, it will tend to be without, as he is the runner-up of the most international goals scoring player with 102 goals behind leaders Ali Daei of Iran.