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How do you use Google Meet icons to join meetings?


 How do you use Google Meet icons to join meetings?

With everyone heading to work from home due to the restrictions imposed in most countries of the world to limit the outbreak of the Corona virus, video calling applications have become the basic tools for communication, as we find some of them require creating an account, while some other applications allow to join meetings even without an account, provided that he has An invitation from the meeting organizer, and in this regard, we find the way in which the application (Google Meet) deals with this is through meeting codes.

Below, we'll learn about the icons for Google Meet and how to use them to join meetings:

Since Google made the application (Google Meet) for everyone free without the need to create an account in the service (G Suite), more people began to use the application to communicate with colleagues, friends and family because it is considered one of the best video calling applications, and then if you are among the These people may have noticed weird random codes (codes) at the end of the URL when you invited a meeting, so what are these codes?

Simply put, it is an arrangement of random characters that make up a unique symbol that provides access to a scheduled meeting or meeting that is already in progress, and meeting icons are usually appended to the end of the URL that you see in the link attached to you in the email or in the Calendar app.

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How to use Google Meet app icons:

When a new meeting is previously scheduled via the app or created immediately, a unique meeting code is generated, and there are four ways you can join the meeting if the organizer shares the meeting code with you.

First method:

1- Open a web browser on your computer.

2- Go to the (Google Meet) website via this link, then enter the meeting code that the host gave you, which appears at the end of the meeting link.

3- Here is another way; You can either paste the link that the host sent to you or manually type it into the URL box of the browser.

4- Click on the "Join" option.

The second method:

1- Open your Gmail.

2- At the bottom left of the screen, click on the "Join Meeting" option.

3- In the popup that appears, paste the link that was sent to you or manually write it, or enter the meeting code at the end of the link. Click on the "Join" option.

The third method:

1- Open the calendar application on your computer.

2- If there is a previously scheduled meeting here, you will find the Join link in a different color on the scheduled date of the meeting.

3- Click on it directly, and you will be taken to a new window.

4- In the new window, click on the "Join Now" option.

Fourth method:

If you have an account with the enterprise service (G Suite), you can open the (Google Meet) application on your phone and enter the meeting code that was sent to you to join the meeting via smartphone.

Finally, after entering the meeting code and pressing the Join Request icon, someone who is already in the meeting will need to let you in, and you will be able to join directly in the ongoing conversation.

Note: You cannot create custom meeting codes - for example: converting the meet.google.com/abc-xlex-pdq meeting link into a link like: meet.google.com/lets-talk - where administrators can use (G Suite) or ( G Suite For Education) Only create custom meeting codes.