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Ethereum is undervalued according to the founder of the "Gemini" platform.


 Ethereum is undervalued according to the founder of the "Gemini" platform.

The price of Ethereum (ETH) rose again to an all-time high of $ 1688 according to "coingecko", but it is still undervalued according to Mr. Cameron Winklevus, founder of the "Gemini" platform for trading cryptocurrencies.

The price of the Ethereum currency rose at a continuous pace over the past few days, with the currency reaching a new peak at $ 1688.

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This comes against the backdrop of positive news, whether related to the resumption of the Ethereum Fund in the "Grayscale" company or the expected listing of Ethereum as a futures contract on the "Chicago" Stock Exchange.

Mr. "Cameron Winklevos" interacted with the achievement of Ethereum for a new summit, stating:
I think Ethereum is still undervalued.

 he added:

At $ 1,500, Ethereum is still undervalued ...

Just as there is no limit to the value of the Internet, in the long run the potential for decentralized applications and computing is limitless.


 The price of Ethereum rose on most trading platforms and exceeded the value of $ 1,600, achieving new peaks, and data from the options market showed great activity about Ethereum and an increase in interest in the crypto market in general, which contributed to the continued rise in the price of Ethereum to new high levels.

The increase in activity on the Ethereum blockchain indicates that the Ethereum price is in the new price discovery area according to researchers at "IntoTheBlock".

After Ethereum's price broke its $ 1650 peak for the first time in history, researchers said the significant activity in the Ethereum network was comparable to the numbers seen in January 2018 at the end of the market's last bullish cycle.

Ethereum breaks the $ 1,600 barrier for the first time and enters the price discovery phase.

To celebrate the new Ethereum Summit, here are some facts:

* Average daily Ethereum transactions reach an increase of 100% (an average of 1.16 million per day)

* 52.38 million titles hold the currency, ETH, a new record.


At the time of writing this article, the price of Ethereum is close again to its hourly high of $ 1688, and we could see new numbers soon.