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ChanSort is the best program for arranging TV channels from the computer


 ChanSort is the best program for arranging TV channels from the computer

The majority are buying TV screens that contain an internal receiver instead of buying a separate receiver to provide the place and because it has become more practical, but arranging channels is very difficult on TV, tiring and cumbersome, and it is fortunate that most of the screens now support the ability to export a file with channels on the TV in the same order and import A channel file in a specific order from a USB flash drive directly, and therefore you can modify and arrange the channels from the computer directly and then transfer them directly to the TV. One of the distinctive and free programs is the ChanSort program, which supports most modern and old TV screens, so let's review the program in detail.

ChanSort is a program to manage channel lists directly from the computer in terms of renaming channels or rearranging channels and creating lists directly or even creating favorite lists directly, if you have a TV with an internal receiver and arrange for you to create a list of channels on the computer and transfer it in seconds to the TV in the same order And the same names, this program is the best and supports Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Hisense, Philips, Toshiba and other devices. (downloading programs)

All you have to do is install the flash in your TV after you search for channels on the TV, add the new frequencies and adjust them on the TV so that you have all the new channels and then enter the list and export the list of channels to the flash and for LG devices, the file is in TLL format and the rest of the devices They are in different formats, then you connect the flash drive to the computer and run the file in the program and start arranging the channels and editing as you want.

When you open the channels file on the program, you will be able to choose the channels from the list on the right to the list on the left in the order, as the channels on the left are the list channels, either on the right is the order in which it will be, so all modifications are made in the list on the left and channels can be added successively from the list On the right to the left as you want, in general, you will need less than 30 minutes to easily understand how the program works.

The program is completely free, open source, and very easy, but certainly arranging and modifying channels as you want will take you some time, but with excellent control, you will not get it if you do the task through television, so I advise everyone about this program.