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Cafu: Salah is better than Riyad Mahrez


 Cafu: Salah is better than Riyad Mahrez

The famous Brazilian, Cafu, the right defender of the former Samba national team, confirmed that Mohamed Salah, the Liverpool player, is considered better than the Algerian Riyad Mahrez, the Manchester City player.

"Mohamed Salah is without any doubt better than Riyad Mahrez," Cafu said in statements to the Qatari Al-Kass channel.

Cafu: Salah is better than Riyad Mahrez

Salah is currently top scorer in the Premier League for the 2020-2021 season, with 16 goals.

"I choose Liverpool, a distinguished club, and I like English football in general."

And about his choice of the player who likes to be with him in the team, he said, "If I had to choose, Zidane would definitely be." And Cafu’s choice came far from the names of Brazilian Ronaldo, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi.