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A dangerous application that makes you log into anyone's account on Facebook


 A dangerous application that makes you log into anyone's account on Facebook

A dangerous application that makes you enter anyone's account on Facebook and browse his confidential photos, videos and data by just putting his account link

A new application appeared that helps users know their personal data from pictures, videos, etc. that other people watch on their account, but what surprised me about this application is that I, for example, on my account after I tried it, found some special pictures that I assigned only for him to see Some also appear to everyone, of course this raises a big question that I did not find a convincing answer, so I liked to share with you the application until first you see all your photos and data that appear to other people, and then also see pictures of your friends ’secret accounts and their data of course not all but some of them
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You are only required to, after opening the application, put the link of your account or the account of the person whose data you want to see as in the image

After that, click on search, and you will see several sections for your account or the account of the person whose account link you placed

You can enter any section, for example, photos, and see your pictures or their photos, and the same thing goes for the rest of the sections on videos, posts, etc.

As you see, the application makes you after placing a link to any account you browse as if you entered it, and the dangerous thing is that it shows some private pictures that people do not share with the public, and the thing that I did not like about the application is that it is full of ads a lot and annoying in this regard

Application link: Stalker For Facebook