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9 apps to download if you have WhatsApp on your phone


 9 apps to download if you have WhatsApp on your phone

Today WhatsApp has become one of the most popular social networking applications, it has received a lot of updates continuously since its first release, but at the present time it still needs a lot of features and additions that may make it more practical than ever before, in this simple article we review You have a set of applications that will provide you with many features and features that are not found on WhatsApp, which you definitely need.

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The feature of downloading WhatsApp stories:

When a friend shares a status update that interests you, of course, either take a screenshot, or record the screen to save the status. No, my friend, this is not practical!

The satus saver application makes the process easy for you, it is a free application, its interface is elegant, displays all status updates, pictures and videos, and you can save them on your phone easily with one click.

Chat lock feature:

An important feature to maintain privacy that the WhatsApp application lacks, fortunately, this feature can be used through the Chat Locker application, add an application to lock chats and protect your conversations from intruders, the application asks you to specify a password for your chats, so make sure that it is strong.

Chat bubbles feature:

All users of the Messenger application know this feature, and undoubtedly many of them wish it was on WhatsApp, simply you can get this feature through the DirectChat application that provides the chatting feature for WhatsApp, the application is easy to use and free.

Advantage of unlocking the same number on two phones:

This feature is not supported by WhatsApp, as it provides for the use of the number on one phone, through the Clone application you can break this rule, this application through which you can open your account on two phones by adopting the QR code that is used to open whatsapp web.

Message scheduling feature:

AutoReponder for Wa provides a message scheduling feature as well as an automatic response using a pre-set message.

The application is free and easy to use and is available for all devices.

Advantage of Faking Conversations:

Simply and easily you can fake WhatsApp conversations via the free whatsPrank application, this latter provides you with great features to create fake conversations easily and easily.

The feature of automatic translation and cleaning of WhatsApp files:

Click2Chat provides you with great features, perhaps the most important of which is translating conversations into more than 60+ languages, in addition to cleaning WhatsApp files with the click of a button.

Advantage of hiding your appearance in WhatsApp online:

This feature is not available on WhatsApp until now, so if you prefer to leave your activity hidden, you can send messages without any concerns by sending voice commands to the Google Voice or Google Assistant application, and the unseen application provides you with useful features such as hiding your last appearance and also hiding confirmation Read conversations.

Animation creation feature:

In fact, there are many applications that guarantee you to have GIF animations and also share them on WhatsApp, but the Xpresso application is completely different from the rest of the applications, it enables you to create animated images using your photos or videos, and you can also combine some texts through the same application.