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7 features that will arrive on YouTube in 2021 announced today


 7 features that will arrive on YouTube in 2021 announced today

2021 is expected to be a year of big changes for YouTube. Through a post on its official blog, the company wanted to know about some of the features that will arrive in service over the next few months, in order to clarify the direction in which its efforts are directed when improving the platform.

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Among the novelties, we find changes aimed at both users and content creators, with which YouTube intends to make its platform an increasingly attractive alternative to consumers of the new generation.

1- Automatic classes in videos

Some time ago, YouTube offered creators the ability to split their videos into clips called "chapters," making it easier for users to navigate.

There are many creators out there who are already betting on this format in order to "curate" their videos, and YouTube plans to go through making nearly all of the videos have chapters.
For this, the company announced the inclusion of automatic classes. This way, the creators won't have to add them themselves to their videos.

2- New design for tablets

Although the company has not specified what changes will come, it has confirmed that YouTube's design for tablets will be updated sooner or later to offer a better experience.

3- Improved browsing in virtual reality

If you are one of those who uses YouTube to watch videos in virtual reality, you will be glad to know that the experience will be improved this year by redesigning the homepage of the YouTube app in virtual reality.

This revamp aims to improve browsing, accessibility, and content search.

4-YouTube music playlist improvements

Not forgetting its YouTube Music platform, YouTube is also announcing the changes it will arrive this year.

In this sense, they indicate that a new mix will be launched with personalized content based on daily activities and moods.

In addition, people creating their own playlists will have more functionality available, and other users will have the ability to discover other users' playlists more easily.

5-More security for young children at home

Kids make up a large part of YouTube's user base around the world, and it's no wonder the company is working on changes designed to improve their experience.

In 2021, YouTube Kids will include new tools for parents, including a feature that allows them to select videos and channels from the "main" YouTube platform to be available only to their children on YouTube Kids.

6-The vertical short video format will reach the whole world

It was inevitable: the vertical short video format is an attempt by YouTube to adopt it as it is in TikTok, and after a trial period in India, in 2021 it will finally reach the world.
According to the company, YouTube Shorts already has more than 3.5 billion daily views worldwide, and in the coming weeks it will enable the ability to test this feature in the US before it reaches everyone.

7-Purchasing products will be easier

YouTube also wants to help creators sell their products through their videos, and help users have a better experience when purchasing their favorite creators' products.

For this purpose, a new purchase section will be added integrated into the videos, allowing you to explore the catalog and purchase the creators' products directly from YouTube.

This is the most important news that will reach YouTube in 2021, which the company announced in its official blog at this link: youtube blog