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5 important Microsoft applications that any Android and iPhone should have


 5 important Microsoft applications that any Android and iPhone should have

The start of the year can be a great time to try new things, try different routines, and why not, try new apps. And although we have already recommended many interesting applications, today you will know 5 excellent Microsoft applications that should not be missing on your phone, regardless of whether it is Android or iPhone.

5 important Microsoft applications that any Android and iPhone should have

1- Microsoft Authenticator

Two-step verification is one of the most important resources in terms of security today, and it is highly recommended that you activate this process in all services that allow it. 2-step verification usually works with text messages, but many services also allow you to create this type of authentication code through applications because if you do not have a cellular network, you will not be able to receive the verification code by SMS to the phone.
This is the role played by the Microsoft Authenticator, which creates authentication codes for the services this app links to. To use the application and take full advantage of it, you must have a Microsoft account, and here you can authorize logins with your account on any device with one click, in addition, that you can log in to your Amazon account, Facebook, and other services to generate the verification code.

2- To Do

With the purchase of Wunderlist by Microsoft, the company launched one of the most interesting and productive apps, such as "To Do," which allows us to organize our day with notes and reminders of all our pending items.
One of its great advantages is the ease of use and organization that ToTab has, but best of all, the app is free and doesn't contain any signups or payments to add premium features.

3- Office

The office is one of Microsoft's most successful products, and despite having Word, Excel, and PowerPoint for Android and iOS, it recently launched the Office app, which includes these popular services for use from one app.
With Office, you can create and edit documents from these three platforms, but you can also read, sign, and edit PDFs, making it one of the best productivity apps you'll find today.

4- Outlook

I'm not going to lie to you when I tell you that Outlook works much better than Gmail on Android, in fact, it is much more convenient to use and helps you a lot if you are one of those people who receive a lot of emails.
Outlook for Android already has a dark mode, it allows you to add Google accounts to receive your email in it, and also filters "important" emails very well for those who don't, and in fact, its huge success is showing only two tabs from the tray, These are the emails that Microsoft thinks you don't need to see urgently or as importantly.

5- Your Phone Companion - Link to Windows

  An application that allows you to connect your phone to the computer, where through this application for the Android system and the desktop version of the Windows operating system, we can connect both devices to receive phone notifications on the computer, respond to SMS messages, answer notifications, access photos of our phone, as well as respond to Phone calls.
With the passage of time, Microsoft is adding functionality, and it promises to continue doing so in the near future, so it is without a doubt one of the tools that you must have on your phone and your computer.