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4 things to consider when purchasing a gaming headset


 4 things to consider when purchasing a gaming headset

If you want to buy a gaming headset, you are likely familiar with the wide range of options available that you can choose from, as companies offer many headphones that vary according to their features and sizes, so before buying here are some general tips and rules that you should pay attention to .

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1- Headset compatibility with the gaming device:

The most important thing that you should pay attention to when buying a headset - if you are using it for video games - is that it is compatible with your computer or game console (Xbox) or (Playstation) PS, as you may find that some headphones are licensed to work with Xbox devices, But at the same time you will find that it is fully compatible with other gaming consoles, as well as personal computers.

So when it comes to headphone compatibility there are a few general rules that can provide clarity as to which hardware systems the headphones you want to buy will work with, and they are:

- If the headset is wired, that is, it has a 3.5 mm jack, it will work with practically any game device or computer, as the Xbox One and PlayStation devices have a 3.5 mm port for audio, and the Nintendo Switch also has a 3.5 mm port at its base.

- Some headphones come with a Bluetooth connection feature, which is a feature that most computers, tablets, and smartphones support, but some computers do not have a Bluetooth connection so in this case you must purchase a separate Bluetooth connection accessory to connect it to your computer.

- USB-based headsets will work with all modern Windows computers, but not all of them work with Xbox consoles unless indicated.

- Some wireless headphones can connect directly to Xbox without a USB receiver, such as: Turtle Beach Stealth 600, however, some headphones use a USB port with a separate accessory, such as: Plantronics RIG 800LX.

2- Which is better, wired or wireless headphones:

If you do not want to have a lot of cables in your gaming space, the wireless headset will be the best option for you, but remember that although wireless headphones will offer you a distinctive audio experience, they generally come at more expensive prices, compared to wired headphones that are considered Quite cheap.

In addition to the price point, you will find that the wireless headphones need to be recharged because they are powered by a battery, so if you play for long hours and need the headphones, wireless headphones will not be a suitable option, but the most wired headphones will suit you.

3- Features:

Before making a purchase, you should carefully check the additional features that the headset comes with, for example: Some headphones come with magnetic charging docks that charge the headphone batteries when they are not in use, while some contain better audio technologies, such as: Dolby Atmos audio as a bonus.

In addition, also check out the features of the speaker driver, as wireless headphones with built-in firmware and processing often come with a driver that you can use and customize for additional settings and features, for example: You can customize the external noise level.

4- Price:

The last thing to look for is the price, which is a bit difficult with so many models for different companies, so in order not to get confused you should check and read a lot of reviews about the headphones that you want to buy from multiple sources to determine whether this headphone will be the best for you. is yours.

And remember: Expensive headphones do not necessarily mean that they are always the best, as manufacturers tend to offer features that may be unnecessary to raise the price, such as: magnetic charging base or advanced drivers, while all you are looking for is a headset that offers you high quality sound. Just.