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10 Android games that just arrived on Google Play will be the first to try them


 10 Android games that just arrived on Google Play will be the first to try them

If you have entered this article, it is because you are looking for new games for Android phone. Today we have very good news for you, as we have collected 10 brand new and high quality Android games that you can install on your smartphone. Another advantage is that they are games that just appeared on Google Play, so they are hardly known. You can be one of the first users to play, learn and then outpace other players.

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In the list you will find the latest and most interesting 10 Android games that you can download on Google Play. It is with a very interesting graphic quality which stands out for being very unknown thanks to its early access to the App Store. Most of them were released within the past week and only have been around for a few days.
Our recommendation is that you download all the games on the list and try them for a while on your device. Since they are free games, it will not cost you anything and you will be able to discover new games that may not reach the recommendations of Google Play.