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How to register in the secret Facebook over the dark Internet


 How to register in the secret Facebook over the dark Internet

Yes, Facebook also owns a website on the dark web or deepweb, where you can access it using your current account on Facebook and browse this social network, which exists in complete secrecy as the Arab media did not mention that, as even the announcement of this secret network remains hidden It is strictly confidential, as well as there is not much information on this subject.

Yes, Facebook enables you to log on to its platform in the dark internet, knowing that this network has been launched since 2014, but unfortunately many Arabs do not know that.
Wearing that through this social network on the Deep Web, you can communicate in complete freedom and great safety away from government and communication companies spying on you.
The way to access this hidden network is a simple one. All you have to do is download the phase program either on your computer or your smartphone. You will find the link at the bottom of the post.

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Then after installing it on your device in the traditional way and running it, as we said previously, it works on the phone and the computer. After that, it is sufficient for you to enter the link that you will also find at the bottom of the post and it will take you directly to Facebook in the dark internet.
Then log in normally and securely on Facebook, and browse with great freedom and anonymity without being tracked.
And if you wonder why Facebook has opened this website on the dark internet, the simplicity is to prevent Facebook governments from spying on activists or the pioneers of the Facebook network, where governments and communication companies will have difficulty tracking you and knowing your data as long as the dark internet has great confidentiality and safety.
On the other hand, Facebook wants to acquire more information so that it is not possible for governments to obtain it, and therefore Facebook can at any time sell this data to government agencies, and thus Facebook will guarantee large sums of money, as happened with Facebook in the major scandal of selling data. This is the reason why Facebook is rolling out its network on the darknet.

Tor Browser link.

The Facebook dark web link should be opened in the Tor browser