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Why you should install this app today before tomorrow


 Why do you have to install this application today before tomorrow .. It is important and wonderful

Learning new languages is made easier thanks to the many tools that are constantly being brought up, so there are no other excuses, at least, for trying to learn the basics in each language.

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LangKick application

I am especially amazed at the emergence of the LangKick app, a mobile app for Android devices, that will make you learn a series of useful phrases at the end of the day, as what this app does is show them from notifications with translation into the chosen language as in the picture.

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It's cool, isn't it? Alternatively, LangKick also allows learning directly from the web, where users can also choose the language to learn, each thematic package want to get useful phrases from it, the ability to choose direct learning through a list of phrases, or choose a type of contest, where they have to learn The appropriate translation according to the proposed phrase.
In any of the possibilities, users will have a simple and clear interface, so that they can start learning new languages ​​from the useful phrases provided in the thematic packages.

Currently, users can learn English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Polish, and the ability to select which frequency they want a new phrase to appear in the notification feed at the end of the day, while also being able to deselect those phrases they know well.