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Thousands of people in Japan flock to get the PlayStation 5


Video | Thousands of people in Japan rushed to get the PlayStation 5.

Perhaps obtaining new generation devices, specifically the PlayStation 5 device, has become impossible in these days, and the reason is the scarcity of the device’s presence in the market due to the high demand and the lack of production process, but if there is an opportunity to obtain a copy of the device, whether it is through the digital store or through direct purchase, there is no doubt. We will see astonishing wonder.

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How is that? Perhaps this video below summarizes the whole scene for you, which was taken in one of the Japanese provinces, where a local store called Yodobashi Camera was able to obtain limited quantities of the PlayStation 5 device, which will be sold through direct purchase. .

what happened after that? Well, as we mentioned earlier, the quantities were limited, but the sale process was stopped at that time, and the police were called to the place in order to dispel the crowded crowd, and the matter witnessed many disputes and quarrels between people and the police and also between each other in order to obtain the opportunity to buy a PlayStation 5.

For its part, the Yodobashi Camera store confirmed that it resorted to the direct selling method by distributing serial numbers to the attendees so that they would get the device first, and this step was taken in order to cut off the road to brokers who are trying to control the largest possible amount through digital selling, so the store was forced to Selling the device directly so as to ensure the provision of one device for each person, but things went wrong and out of control, and we do not know whether the store will continue to sell the device in the same way or not.

Another video from inside the store shows people rushing to get a PlayStation 5.

 It should be noted that this scene takes place while the Japanese government is still imposing a state of emergency due to the pandemic, and yet this did not prevent thousands of people from gathering in order to obtain a PlayStation 5.