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The US Environment Agency warns about the power consumption of the Xbox Series X and PS5


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 The US Environment Agency warns about the power consumption of the Xbox Series X and PS5

The US Environment Agency NRDC sends warning alerts to Microsoft and Sony about the launch of its new Xbox Series X and PS5 devices, with the default setting for power saving mode.

According to the Natural Resources Defense Council in the United States, which measured the energy consumed by new generation devices, today it published a report on this matter that confirmed that the Xbox Series X and PS5 consume between 160 to 200 watts of electricity when used in the operating mode, This amount is higher than the consumption of previous home appliances and greater than the consumption capacity of a 60-inch TV.

The report praised the efforts made by both companies to make energy consumption reach its minimum by putting these devices in a Rest Mode where the consumption rate drops to 1 watt or even less than that, but at the same time the report criticized the amount of energy consumed by these Devices through choosing other modes, such as the Instant-on mode in the Xbox Series X, as the device consumes a large amount of power through them.

According to a study conducted by the NRDC, the estimated energy that the Xbox Series X consumes until 2025 is equivalent to that produced by a coal-fired power station during a whole year, while the report indicated that the cost of energy consumed by the device will add more than $ 1 billion to the users' bill until the end of the mentioned period .

The study also indicated, according to estimates by the Natural Resources Defense Council, that nearly two-thirds of users kept the default instant play mode enabled on their Xbox devices, and this makes them willing to waste nearly four billion kilowatt hours of electricity in the United States alone until the end of 2025 And that's only when the device is on standby and not being used, she said, adding that this causes nearly three million tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

The organization also indicated that the energy consumption of the new generation devices was especially high when playing games intended for the new generation, but it was significantly lower when playing games designed for the old generation devices through the pre-compatibility feature, while the Xbox Series S was distinguished as being environmentally friendly. Its energy consumption levels are lower while playing any game compared to other devices.

In conclusion of the report, the NRDC called on Sony and Microsoft to conduct studies on how to encourage players to use energy-saving options in their new devices and to create an awareness report for the public on how energy is used, which it is hoped will lead to lower consumption in the future and reduce emissions Carbon.