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The "Coinbase" company provides additional details on how it entered the stock exchange and public circulation


 The "Coinbase" company provides additional details on how it entered the stock exchange and public circulation

The company “Coinbase” that stands behind the “Coinbase” platform, which is one of the largest cryptocurrency trading platforms and is headquartered in San Francisco, today announced its plans to go public via direct listing instead of IPO as it was announced at a time. former.

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The company, which announced its plans to become a public company last month, shared the news on its official blog, in which it stated the following:

Coinbase Global today announced its intention to become a public joint stock company pursuant to a proposed direct listing of its Class A common stock.

The proposed listing is expected to be in accordance with the statement of registration in the S-1 Form with Securities “SEC”.


 Crucially, direct listing is not an initial public offering, as an IPO involves the creation of new shares, and direct listing is limited to existing shares.

In December, Queen Piece said it had submitted a draft of its S-1 model to the SEC.

Messari estimated that QueenBase's value was estimated at $ 28 billion at the time.

If the regulator approves the deposit, Coinbase will become the first publicly traded cryptocurrency exchange.

Intentionally or not, the announcement coincides with the chaos in traditional markets, as an army of retail investors on Reddit continues to pump the price of GameStop's stock.

Some interpreted the turmoil as indirect support for decentralization.