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Take-Two stops GTA Online cheat developers and forces them to donate their money


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 Take-Two stops GTA Online cheat developers and forces them to donate their money

The GTA Online game is that game that refuses to die, which is still popular among the gamer community, and which also continues to achieve high profits, as we recently learned that with the update of Cayo Perico Heist, it achieved a new achievement with digital monthly profits and the number of its players increased by 46 percent from November 2020, This popularity means that there are cheaters and cheat programs, especially after it is distributed for free on the Epic Games Store and as always, Take-Two tries to stop them.

According to RockstarIntel, Take-Two, the owner of many well-known companies including Rockstar, has filed a lawsuit against Luna Cheats who develop and sell GTA Online cheat software. There are many types of cheats like preference, money, and even putting other players in cages or turning them into animals. According to the source, the cheat makers have shut down the site, stopped all their services, and halted repairs.

That's not all, the cheat software developers have stated that they will donate all of the profits they earned to a Take-Two charity, which is a nice move from the company instead of taking the profits to its pocket right away. Of course after that talk, the cheat developers have apologized for the "problems" their software caused to the GTA Online gamer community.

Scams and cheaters are some of the worst things in the industry. I really do not mind cheating in single and story games, but when you cheat in a team game, you spoil the experience of others and this is absolutely unethical. What do you think of the Take-Two decision and what do you think about multiplayer cheating? Share the comments below the news!