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Bitcoin celebrates its 12th birthday in its own way and the Ethereum coin exceeds $ 1,000


Bitcoin celebrates its 12th birthday in its own way and the Ethereum coin exceeds $ 1,000

 Bitcoin celebrates its 12th birthday in its own way and the Ethereum coin exceeds $ 1,000

On January 3, Bitcoin celebrated its 12th birthday by breaking a new record high, reaching $ 34,778 on the Binance platform.

After Bitcoin rose to its new historical peak, the alternative digital currencies moved, led by Ethereum, which reached a level of more than $ 1000.

The rise of both Bitcoin and alternative digital currencies contributed to an increase in the total market value of the crypto market in general, as this value reached the level of 897 billion dollars, and only $ 103 billion is still separated by the crypto 
market achieving its first trillion dollars.

New Bitcoin and Ethereum Summit also make it happen:

The end of 2020 looked impressive with several successive rises in the bitcoin price, and it seems that the beginning of the year 2021 will follow the same pattern as the end of 2020, as Bitcoin continued to reach new highs, the most recent of which was achieved yesterday, as the price of Bitcoin reached the level of 34,770 dollars.

Then the bitcoin price retreated, correcting about $ 33,000, the level it is still at until writing this article.

The new peak in the Bitcoin price coincided with Bitcoin's birthday, as Satoshi Nakamoto launched Bitcoin on January 3, 2009.

That is, Bitcoin achieved a new record high approaching $ 35,000 even before reaching adolescence

Ethereum, for its part, tracks Bitcoin and seeks to break its previously achieved record of $ 1,432 on January 13, 2018.

Ethereum has reached to the present moment for a price exceeding 1080 dollars, i.e. about 350 dollars separating it to reach its previous historical peak.

The rise in Ethereum contributed to the movement of most of the alternative digital currencies in the green.

Among the prominent digital currencies that have achieved significant gains are the Bulcadot, which rose by 13%, and Litecoin by 20.3%.
If the currency "Bolcadot" continues to rise, it will take the fifth place from the ripple, which has fallen from the fourth place, leaving it to the litecoin coin.

It can be said that most of the alternative digital currencies are green, with varying ratios headed by Ethereum, with nearly 40% achieved in the last 24 hours.