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7 Rich people take their first "private" trip to space ... How much is the ticket?


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 7 Rich people take their first "private" trip to space ... How much is the ticket?

A wealthy group of seven will travel on a "special trip" to the International Space Station late next year.

It is scheduled to launch the flight that will make history aboard the "Dragon" spacecraft of the "SpaceX" company, according to the "Washington Post" newspaper.

Among the most prominent people on the flight will be American real estate mogul Larry Connor, Israeli businessman Eitan Stepe, a former businessman and pilot, Canadian businessman famous for his philanthropy Mark Pathy, and Michael Lopez Alegria, a retired NASA astronaut.

Each of them will pay $ 55 million for the trip.

Connor, 71, will be the second oldest person to go into space after John Glenn did it when he was 77.

Connor said he wanted to make a good impression so that others could follow in his footsteps. “We have a huge responsibility as the first group of private astronauts to do this mission, and we have to do it right so that we don't end up being the last group,” he said. .

They indicated that they would conduct experiments in space aimed at increasing awareness and interest in mathematics and science in their communities, and to give their philanthropy efforts a stronger boost.

And whether their trip is a kind of unjustified luxury in light of the economic crises caused by the Corona pandemic, Connor said: "Yes the world is suffering, but we cannot forget the future. We cannot ignore the necessity of having long-term visions .. and we hope that these are." The mission and research that we will undertake is a small step towards a better future. "