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Latest 3 smartphones in 2021 ... get to know them


 Latest 3 smartphones in 2021 ... get to know them

The site "newatlas" revealed the latest smartphones that are expected to be launched in the market during 2021, through common leaks and early announcements that include the features and specifications of new phones.

The report pointed to 3 new versions of smartphones for the most famous companies, as it is expected to see them with users in the coming months.

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Galaxy S21

It is expected that the release of the new Samsung company will be the first flagship phone to come out of the portal in 2021, although no official reports have come out. However, a number of specialists reported that the version will be officially unveiled on January 14, as the company seeks to achieve a head start.

The phone will be released in three versions, namely "s21" and comes with a 6.2-inch screen, "s21 plus" and comes with a 6.7-inch screen, and "S21 Plus ultra" and comes with a 6.8 screen, and specialists expect that Samsung will direct all its attention to the new S series of foldable phones during the new Year.

IPhone 13

Apple's iPhone 13 is expected to top the list of phones offered during the new year, as the company will return to launch its devices again after it was disrupted in 2020.

The announcement of the iOS 15 operating system that the company is preparing may be at the beginning of June, and the device is expected to be released in four versions, and it is expected to be announced in September.

Google Pixel 6

Google devoted most of its time and energy to the mid-range smartphone market in 2020, which makes us believe that the Pixel 5a will be an important phone for the company and could be launched early in the year unlike the Pixel 4a, which appeared last August after the supply chain problems related to the pandemic.

Not much information has been leaked about the Pixel 6, but it is expected that the phone will come with improvements in the performance of image processing, as Google is one of the best companies in this field, and one of the recent patents indicates that the phone will come with a selfie camera built into the screen, but looking To Google's mid-range focus recently, it has become unclear whether or not this camera will be adopted in 2021.