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Rumor: The Last Of Us Part 2 game, PlayStation 5 version, was under development.


Rumor: The Last Of Us Part 2 game, PlayStation 5 version, was under development.

The Last Of Us Part 2 game still occupies its place in the daily coverage of VGA4A and many other sites and channels interested in covering the news of video games, where the game is witnessing a lot of interest, especially those who are waiting to get a better experience on the Playstation 5 if the game gets a special upgrade.

This is what the rumors are talking about, the last of which is what a person named Navtra has shared with us, who also revealed that there is additional story content coming for Death Stranding, as well as a special upgrade for the PlayStation 5 version (more details here), where he confirmed via ResetEra that he knew that the Naughty Dog studio is working on an update Exclusively for The Last Of Us Part 2 game to upgrade the game for the new Sony Playstation 5, but its fate is not known yet.
I know the update was in progress at some point but I'm not sure if it's still working on it or when it will release. I'd be surprised if the game didn't get an upgrade, though.
 This source may be somewhat correct, especially since the game is still one of the strongest titles launched by Sony and has won many awards that have now made it number one in terms of the most titles that won the title of "Game of the Year" from more than one side, and Sony and Studio Noti may retain. Doug announces the new generation version in conjunction with the launch of the "Game of the Year" version. It may also be accompanied by the launch of the online mode, which has been under development for a long time.

The Last Of Us Part 2 game was released on the PlayStation 4 in June (6) of last year 2020, and the game can also be played on the PlayStation 5 through the pre-compatibility feature, but if you want a better visual experience and performance, we recommend that you wait for the version dedicated to the new generation which We expect it to be disclosed soon.