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Recent GTA 6 leaks about Vice City



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The recent GTA 6 leaks about Vice City, the female lead, and South America are true

Rumors and leaks still haunt GTA 6 from all sides, as everyone wants to divulge some of the secrets of this game despite Rockstar's silence around it. Two days ago, we heard from a leak of COD news that there was a female tournament in GTI6.

Of course, these rumors were a topic circulating on social media, and a lot talked about their accuracy, so that Legacy Killa, the Youtuber known for his relationships and the accuracy of his sources, told us that what we heard from the Call of Duty leak is true, meaning that there is a female main character who will play a starring role for the first time in the history of the series.

Not only that, but YouTuber confirmed that what we previously heard about Project Americas is true and that the new part will take place between Vice City and regions in South America. Previous leaks had mentioned that the game’s events would take place in the 1980s and the focus of its story is about a drug smuggler’s journey towards the top. It revolves around a young man who works in drug smuggling and selling and then begins to get acquainted with the drug mafia men, to progress his journey from scratch to the top of the drug trade.

We must remind you that Rockstar had already made an exciting statement years ago when it linked the presence of US President Donald Trump to the presidency in America with its GTA 6 game, saying that the current tense political climate is not suitable for launching the game, and now after his departure, will we soon hear the news of the announcement of the game? The mother of Corona this time is the one who will delay the detection!