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PUBG Mobile has achieved the highest profits among mobile games in 2020


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 PUBG Mobile has achieved the highest profits among mobile games in 2020

PUBG Mobile is one of the games that you find installed on the devices of many, especially in the Arab world and the middle age group. Each month, Sensor Towers, a company specialized in analyzing the mobile games market, shares with us the most profitable games, and the Battle Royale game is usually on the list, but recently, the final list for 2020 was shared and the result was not really surprising.

According to the report from the official website, the global version of PUBG Mobile and the Chinese version known as Game For Peace topped the list of mobile games with the highest revenue, close to $ 2.6 billion, a 64.3 percent increase over last year. In second place, Tencent's Honor of Kings also followed with profits close to $ 2.5 billion, up 42.8 percent from the previous year.

In third place is Pokemon GO, with revenues of $ 1.2 billion - the highest revenue augmented reality game has made in a year since its launch despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Fourth was Coin Master, followed by Roblox and Monster Strike.

Despite losing the huge Indian market after it was banned, PUBG Mobile did not drop a tenth and its profits did not decrease, as stated in the report. As we said above, achieving the highest profits compared to other games is not surprising given the game's widespread popularity around the world. Home quarantine and Covid-19 also contributed to an increase in the number of players and profits for all games, whether on mobile phones or other platforms.

We recall that the new update number 1.1 for the game PUBG Mobile is available, and this update provides the ability to reduce the size of game files on Android devices in a size smaller by 70%, with the same playing experience, the initial download package is only 610 MB and more game content can be downloaded in parts to accelerate updates And reduce waiting time.