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Proprietary Android applications that no one has shared with you


 Monopolized Android applications that no one will share with you, especially the first application

As we promised you always, we will offer you a set of new and wonderful Android applications that we have chosen for you to try and take advantage of its advantages, especially the first application that enables you to protect the files in the flash from theft in the event that you lost it and someone found it where he protects it between code and also the second application is distinguished for modification On the images professionally, as well as the rest of the applications are distinctive, we will recognize them in the explanation so continue with me.

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The first application: USB Lockit

This is the first application so that you can protect your USB as we know. If someone owns a flash drive puts personal photos, confidential pictures, files, as well as videos in it, in order to protect these files from theft, that thief inserts your USB into the computer or on the phone And he can reach your personal photos, as well as videos, as well as files for you, in order not to fall into this problem when you lose him. The solution lies in this application that will protect your flash drive with the bin code so that no one can access your USB After installing the application, as well as connecting the USB to the phone, you will open the application and it will be read through the application, and it will appear to you that the flash drive is not protected and you are asked to protect it by putting between your code and confirming it and then it becomes protected and no one can open it without the code. Thus, you can protect it from theft, as it may be stolen from you, or perhaps you can put it in a place and forget, and then anyone who accesses your files and personal photos will find it. Through this most wonderful application, you can protect your flash drive properly.

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This application is very special. It has received thousands of downloads in the Google Play Market and is used by many people through which you can choose an image from your phone, then you will go to the modification page there where you will find all the useful professional tools. For example, you can add a very large group of Different filters, distinct and terrible shapes and types, and there is where you can also download additional stickers from the same application in order to get professionally modified images. For example, you can add or change hair color in addition to the same thing with the eyes and other things that you discover yourself.

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The application enables you to collect two or more pictures in one image in addition to adding your own text or writing. This application also contains a large number of distinct and amazing tools that you will not find in another application.

3- Unique VPN

This application is a very terrible vpn that allows you to speed up the Internet on your phone and also through it you can open the blocked websites in your country and connect to them in a simple way and the application is completely free and has fairy features that allow you to safely browse the Internet as well as protect your privacy online and you can change the ip of your phone And contact with many countries and servers, un-attended applications and websites, and enjoy safe browsing

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4-  All social networks and social networks 2020 

This unique application makes you get all the applications for social communication, applications for news and many other sites that you want you will find inside this application and you can use it inside the application and without the need to install it where you can use it using the Internet only, as you know that such applications take up space Large in your phone and inside your device such as Facebook and others also so you can access it and enter your account on Facebook and here you can browse your Facebook in a very simple way and you can access the settings and many other things without having the application installed in your phone and not only that Also Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and all the applications that you want also have a built-in button with it, and all applications are explicitly available inside the application, which is considered one of the legendary applications that I really recommend.

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