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How to quickly open any program you want on your computer with one click


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 How to quickly open any program you want on your computer with one click of any keyboard key

There are programs on our computers that we open frequently. Chrome is probably the most used one, as it is our portal to the Internet. However, to open it you need to use the mouse or search with the windows button. Hence, if you want to open the program faster, we can do so by pressing one of the keyboard buttons. To do so, we'll tell you the method.

With HotKeyP, you can set any key to do anything, like open a program, a shortcut, do anything on the system, etc. In this case, we can set an example unlock Chrome for any key. To do this, we download the program, unzip it and run the HotkeyP.exe file (the program is portable).
If we go to Add, we can choose the command we want, or directly press the key on the keyboard that we want to assign a program to open. Below, in Command, we choose the program's shortcut path. . We can also make it always open with administrator permissions, which is useful for programs like Command Prompt if we use the Command window a lot.

From now on, we can open Chrome, for example, by just pressing a new key or shortcut in Windows 10, and also with the advantage that we can use this for any program in Windows.

Link: HotKeyP