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Google removes 17 apps from Google Play that drain your phone's battery quickly


 Google is removing 17 apps from Google Play that drain your phone's battery quickly ... you have to hurry to delete them

Google takes many measures to prevent malicious applications from infiltrating the Android application store known as Google Play. However, we are not stopping to access research indicating that the spread of this type of application is difficult to contain, and many of them even escape the control measures of the Internet giant Google. In some cases, these apps are copies of other legitimate apps, but they are contaminated with malware. However, in the case at hand, they are apps that do what they promised, but also dissolve your cell phone battery with ads. These are 17 recently detected apps that you should delete.

Google removes 17 apps from Google Play that drain your phone's battery quickly

Bitdefender, with antivirus, found 17 apps that could make our lives bitter if installed on an Android mobile device. In total, these apps have obtained over 550,000 downloads, so you are likely one of them who installed them on your mobile device. Fortunately, it's not harmful at the level of data or money theft, but it quickly drains your cell phone battery.
Those responsible for these apps use some innovative tactics to bypass Google's security measures. Among them, its presence is hidden for 48 hours by "splitting" its code into different files or not showing ads until 4 hours after installation by the user. Bitdefender has already notified Google that it has these 17 apps to delete, but we must do the same if we install them.

As they confirm on their website, the 17 of these Android apps that were removed from the Google Play Store are:

Car Racing 2019

4K Wallpaper (Background 4K Full HD)

Backgrounds 4K HD

QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner Pro

File Manager Pro - Manager SD Card / Explorer

VMOWO City: Speed Racing 3D

Barcode Scanner

Screen Stream Mirroring

QR Code - Scan & Read a Barcode

Period Tracker - Women's Cycle Ovulation

QR & Barcode Scan Reader

Wallpapers 4K, Backgrounds HD

Transfer Data Smart

Explorer File Manager

Today Weather Radar

io: Big Fish Frenzy

Clock LED

Technically, we can't talk about malware, as these apps bombard your phone with ads. In addition to this annoyance, our cell phone battery will be affected quickly and run out quickly