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Ninja evading responsibility and declaring, "Parents should take care of raising their children."


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 The famous ninja evades responsibility and declares, "Parents should take care of raising their children."

Richard Teller Blevins, famous for his nickname Ninja or Ninja with blue or turquoise hair more precisely, is a very famous global influencer who launched and shined through the Twitch platform and the game Fortnite, and has made a fame for himself dreamed of by top Hollywood stars, and has become with the passage of time the first influencer at the level The world, and right now, gets paid millions of dollars from his broadcasts.

Famous influencer Ninja stated yesterday through the New York Times that his job is not to teach children racist vocalizations, the white supremacist mentality, and his statement came very provocatively under the headline "Listen to me and most importantly teach your children."

First of all, Ninja was asked several questions about a number of things in his private life, including his plans to switch to voice acting, to his comments a few years ago about not playing games with women, and many different questions, the most important in particular about the behavior of children “under 18 Sunna ”who always frequent his live broadcast.

When asked what can be done in order to alleviate the childish and sometimes irritating comments that appear often during group chat during the live broadcast, which tends a lot most of the time to turn into a form of verbal insults or racist insults, Ninja said: “All It is caused by the father and the mother. ”

He also added a ninja to the axes:
Want to know who your child is? Listen to him when he's playing video games and when he thinks you aren't.
Here's another thing: How does a white child know that he has the idea of ​​white supremacy in the first place if his parents never teach him about it wrong, or when they don't know him or speak to him in the first place?

It is not my job to teach children about the culture, behaviors, and topics related to white supremacy because it is his first instinct to want to be noticed in the chat.

If, during my broadcast, someone wrote the word "nika" in the conversation and "here means black-skinned" and he doesn't know what it means, would it be my job to have a conversation with this child? Of course not, because the first thing that comes to my mind is that this child wants to attract my attention and these racist words may be the reason for banning the channel.
 Ninja concluded his words with the journalist:
I don't think games have anything to do with that. I think it's the internet culture, people behind the screen say whatever they want and they can get away with it, and they have complete anonymity like your information and your data which is considered valuable and should remain private, but it is annoying that there are children who can say things Racist and they are incredibly aggressive and threatening women online and there is no one to stop them.
 Ninja also noted that "the anonymity of these people and the use of fake accounts encourage people to say what they want and I believe that parents should participate to reduce this."

Many people, through social media, launched a scathing attack on Ninjas, and of course they considered him an evasion of responsibility and indifference towards this phenomenon, and that he could do something to reduce this through his channels on social media.

Unfortunately Ninja spoke realistically, but with some extra rudeness without incurring a desire to try to change or assume responsibility, and from my own point of view I think that being "influential" gives a complete impression of who the matter is supposed to be, as the word influential in itself explains what he should To be doing.

In the end, you do not expect much from some people who have failed in the fields of university study, literature and science in general, and by luck on an influential job because of some of the capabilities and skills that they have in playing, to understand what they say or to be a good example to others.