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Learn 3 new computer programs worth trying


 Learn 3 new computer programs worth trying

There are many desktop programs that are launched on a daily basis, but of course not all programs are useful and worth downloading, so in this post we will talk about 3 new programs that were recently launched and worth downloading because they are useful for the computer.
This wonderful program enables you to control your mouse more than professionally, through it you can control the speed of the mouse, the speed of its response and the speed of the scroll wheel in addition to it provides you with statistics regarding your use of the mouse, not to mention that through the program you can program the mouse as you want to save time, For example, the mouse can be programmed when moving towards the end of a certain corner of the screen, it automatically moves to the opposite corner.

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The second program: ScreenCloud

Through this wonderful program, you can take pictures of the entire screen of your computer or capture certain parts of the screen and then these images are automatically saved on the cloud storage service that you use, the program supports all known cloud storage services such as google drive, Dropbox service and others, and one of the features of the program is that It allows you to share pictures, all this in addition to that it includes tools to modify the images from writing on them and adding arrows and many more.

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The third program: PSGen

The last program in this list is PSGen, which is considered one of the best password generation programs at all, through this program you can obtain very strong passwords that cannot be hacked or guessed, and what is distinguished in the program is that it saves all passwords in it in an encrypted form so that it cannot Nobody to refer to those words other than you.