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How to work with an Android phone without the need for the basic operation button


 Learn how to work with an Android phone without the need for the basic launch button

Your phone may one day suffer an accident that will cause it to lose the main power button, and it is known that without that button you will not be able to operate your phone and work with it, so I would like to explain to you in this exclusive post a method that will enable you to work with your phone without the need for the power button. All this via Two useful applications that you should always have on your phone.

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All you have to do is download the two applications from the link below the post and pass to explain each application separately:

First application:

This application will enable you to turn on the off phone using the volume button as well. If the power button is destroyed, you will be able to operate your phone with the volume up or down button, and it also adds an icon for you to lock your phone's screen in the notification bar, and to activate these features what you have to do is download the application and put a tick on the two boxes Shown in the picture
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The second application:

This application will enable you to lock and unlock the phone only by pressing the phone screen two consecutive taps, and to activate this feature make sure to tick the options shown in the following picture and you can change the number of clicks you have to do to unlock the phone via the fifth option:
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In this way, you will not need the power button to work with your phone, and it is preferable that these applications, especially the first application, be present in your phone even if the power button works for you

The link of the two applications: