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How to book PlayStation 5 Plus games even if you do not own the device


 How to book PlayStation 5 Plus games even if you do not own the device

Since the launch of the PlayStation 5 last November, Sony has started to bring many distinctive titles to it through the monthly free Plus games, but there are many players who have not obtained the device yet and it may be difficult for them to watch these titles available for free without the opportunity to obtain and try them on the day of Days when they receive the device.

Here in this informative report we will talk about a method that may not be known to much, which is the possibility of reserving free monthly Plus games even if you do not own a PlayStation 5 yet, perhaps one day you will get it and then you will be able to download these games even if the period of their presence within Monthly free games.

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There are two ways to book monthly Plus games, and the idea revolves around adding them to your own games library linked to your account on the PlayStation network, and you must be a subscriber through this account on the PlayStation Plus service to be able to access these games.

The first method:

Through the official PlayStation store on the Internet via your computer or laptop where you can open the store and log in with the same account on the network and by opening the store search for free Plus games and then by clicking on the game you want to keep, you will see a button Add to Library or Add To Library Once you press the button, the game will be available in your game library, and when you log in from the PlayStation 5 device when you get it one day, you will be able to enter from the device’s menus to the library and download the games at any time you want.

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The second method:

It is the same idea of the first method, but this time, access to the PlayStation Store will be through the PlayStation App smartphones application available on Android devices (you can download it from here) and iOS (you can download it from here), and by logging into the application with your own account on the PlayStation network you can Access the store through the lower menus, and search for any game you want from the free Plus games, and after finding it and clicking on the icon, you will see an Add to Library or Add To Library button, and through it you will be able to reserve your copy of the game until you get the PlayStation 5 at any time.

In one of these two methods, there will be no opportunity to waste the free Plus games that you want to try one day, whether the device memory is full or you do not have the device yet, as you will be able to download it at the time you want then.