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New smartphones .. What will we "buy" in 2021?


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The best phones to buy in 2021

 The year 2020 has closed the curtain on technical leaks talking about many smartphones with modern features and specifications, which are expected to be launched in the new year.

The "New Atlas" website, specialized in technical news, revealed the most prominent phones expected to be on the market during the current year 2021:

Galaxy S21

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Samsung phone specialists expect the South Korean company to unveil the Galaxy S21 in the middle of this month.

The phone will come in three versions: "S21" with a 6.2-inch screen, while the "S 21 Plus" comes with a 6.7-inch screen, while the "S21 Ultra" screen measures 6.8 inches.

Rumors indicate that these phones will support high-resolution cameras, optical zoom may reach 10s, along with a smart pen.

The new Samsung phones will support the latest Snapdragon 888 processors, and the screen refresh rate will be around 120 Hz.

Samsung is also expected to focus on foldable phones this year, as it could introduce a new product in this category.

IPhone 13

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Recent technical leaks revealed the specifications of the upcoming "iPhone 13" phone, and that it will solve the most prominent problems of version "12", and will come with a package of distinctive technical modifications.

According to John Prosser, who specializes in leaks of American products, "Forbes" magazine quoted John Prosser, the "iPhone 13" will be equipped with a "LTPO" screen, capable of providing a high-resolution viewing experience without this being at the expense of battery life. .

According to Brosso, the new screen will make the "iPhone 13" a strong competitor to the "Android" phones, which boasted the strength and longevity of its battery.

The new phone will support Wi-Fi 6 technology, which is characterized by superfast speeds of 9.6 gigabits per second, reduced response time, and energy efficiency.

Other leaks talk about "Apple" working on a new foldable phone with a design similar to a "Samsung" phone from the "Z Flip" model.

And Apple is currently testing the durability of the hinge for the foldable phone, due to the importance of that part in such a class of devices.

Pixel 6 and Pixel 5 any from Google

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Google is expected to release its "Pixel 5A" phone early this year, along with the "Pixel 6".

Google will add several upgrades to the two phones, most notably with regard to the camera, and the image processing program, in addition to a camera to capture "selfies" in high resolution.

OnePlus 9

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Focused "OnePlus" in the past year on phones average, but that its strategy for this year will be different, as it is rumored that the launch of "OnePlus 9" and "OnePlus 9 Pro" as early as next March.

Specialists in smartphones believe that the focus of "OnePlus" will be on enhancing battery life and charging speed.

According to the leaks, the processor "Snapdragon 888" will be adopted in the "OnePlus" phones, and 8 GB of random access memory will be integrated, along with 128 GB as storage capacity, while there will be no major change to the external design.

Other phones

People in the field of smart phones do not expect that this year will bring about "revolutionary technologies", as "Nokia" and "Motorola" will continue to provide phones for those with modest budget, while Chinese companies such as "Xiaomi" will launch new technologies that may not be available in all markets.

It is believed that foldable phones will continue to spread in conjunction with the efforts of the companies that develop them to improve them and improve their performance and reliability.

In addition, the new phones in 2021 will achieve leaps in terms of display quality in screens, image processing, artificial intelligence technologies, charging speed and processor.