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Ghost Of Tsushima developers hint at the second part again



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We previously learned that the Sucker Punch team is working on several new projects, most likely dedicated to the devices of the current new generation, but this time the team hints about the second part of the Ghost Of Tsushima game and also strongly through a job vacancy that is not normal and below we will share with you the terms of this vacancy, which clearly indicates Until we may actually see a second part of the game.

Through the website of the Sucker Punch team, the developer of the game Ghost Of Tsushima, a job vacancy was announced for a combat moves designer, provided that the applicant had played the game and had experience in its fighting system, this requirement or condition made players make sure that the second part of the game It is currently under development for sure release on the PlayStation 5.

It is not a surprise to announce or hint about a second part of the game, especially since it won the satisfaction of players and critics through very positive reviews and reaped high ratings as well and was and is still one of the best exclusives for the last PlayStation 4 generation that saved the year 2020, especially as it was free from the big titles that deserve Experience us.

It is noteworthy that the Sucker Punch team has supported the game with some additional content and also launched its own multiplayer mode, and unusually the game brought together a large group of players who enjoyed every moment in it, so the game is one of the few linear games that continued to give, what are they Your expectations, our followers, for the reason for the vacancy in the aforementioned requirements. Will we see an announcement about the second part soon ..?