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For the first time, the logo of a PlayStation studio appears on the cover of the Xbox game


 For the first time, the logo of a PlayStation studio appears on the cover of the Xbox game

Who would have thought that the Japanese Sony company studios, which now bear the name of the PlayStation Studios, which naturally only develop their games on the main Sony platforms, and their logo also does not appear except on Sony games only to appear on the Xbox games container? !!

It may be difficult for anyone to believe the title of this news, but believe me this news is very true and funny at the same time, as the year 2021 will be very crazy, during which the logo of one of the PlayStation studios will appear for the first time in history on a game that will be released on Xbox devices, which is the game MLB The Show 21 to be released soon.

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And we all know that Sony has always been very conservative about its products that distinguish its brand, about sharing its logo with other products, and many other situations such as how difficult it was to convince it by allowing collective play across different platforms.

San Diego Studio, a studio of the Japanese company, will officially work on the MLB The Show 21 baseball game on home platforms such as the Playstation 4 and 5, as well as the Xbox One.

Everyone knows that Sony owns the rights to develop and publish the MLB The Show 21 game, but through the ANerdyDad account a few hours ago, he published the cover image of the Xbox version before its official announcement as you can see above.

This is the first time that one of Sony's first-party studios has developed a game issued on one of the Microsoft platforms, where you will see the company's main brand, in addition to the San Diego Studio brand on the cover of Microsoft's Xbox version.

Everyone agrees that the successful baseball game will bring more money to Sony’s treasury, especially because of the great popularity of this game in the United States of America, where Microsoft has a very popular base as well.

And all the evidence indicates that the title will not support Xbox Smart Delivery, and there are no statements about the free upgrade yet, so we may not see this option available to players on any of the Xbox Series XOS devices, but this matter cannot be confirmed until now until after the announcement The official we expect in the coming hours.

MLB The Show 21 baseball is scheduled to be released on December 13, 2021, on the PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox One.

Do you think we will see more cooperation between the two companies in other games in the future? We are glad you shared with us through the comments below.