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Fall Guys is coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch


 Don't worry, Fall Guys is coming to Xbox and Nintendo Switch

Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout with its full name caused a lot of noise on both the PlayStation 4 and the PC and broke records as it became the most downloaded game from the PlayStation Plus service and sold more than eleven million copies on the computer. Computer and Playstation players still enjoy the game, but the players Xbox and Nintendo Switch will, someday.

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At an event, Dave Bailey, CEO of Media Tonic and co-founder with the Games Industry site, this issue was addressed and Billy told us that the studio intends to launch Fall Guys on "all major platforms". This means that the game will make its way to Xbox and Nintendo Switch consoles. In his statement, the CEO said:

We haven't talked much about this road map but what we can say is that we want to reach as many players as possible. We want the game to come to every major platform, and we're working hard on that. We want it to be on all the different platforms and we hope to link these platforms together so that people can play together.
 Of course, there is no official confirmation about when the game will be launched on Xbox or Switch devices, but this statement directly indicates that the development team is working on that. In case you are already a game player

It is noteworthy that this is not the first time that a hint has been made for the coming of the game to Xbox devices, at least, as something like lack of coordination or the like happened several days ago when one of the Xbox accounts on social media hinted that the game is coming soon to the Game Pass service, but this was denied Subsequently, this may be an early statement and it may be an unintended mistake.

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