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How do you know if the Facebook account is actually a girl and not a boy?


 How do you know if the Facebook account is actually a girl and not a boy?

As it is known, the number of fake Facebook accounts, according to what the company announced, has reached more than 80 million fake Facebook accounts, and most of these people are naturalized with another identity for other people, but the phenomenon most prevalent in the Arab world is the large number of accounts claiming to be girls. The time when they are fake accounts, children open them for many purposes, and the question remains, how do you know if the Facebook account is for a girl or for a boy who betrays for reasons I will mention some of them below?

In fact, it is very difficult to reveal the identity of any account, and the Facebook administration itself recently launched a campaign to impose the status of your real name as a measure intended to eliminate these fake accounts, and even closed many accounts demanding the upload of a picture proving the true identity of the account holder, but this law did not continue Because the biggest loser is Facebook itself.

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In order to know if the account on Facebook is for a girl or a boy, there are some data that you can rely on that indicate that the person is actually a girl or a boy, and I will try to mention them in this post, based on a given, first I use it personally and focus on it whenever I want to analyze the personality of the account owner.

1- Girlfriends of the account owner

Usually I personally focus on this fact because it is the sponsor to analyze the personality of the account holder, so you should focus a lot on the comments on the posts, so if you find another girl who has commented on the post of the owner of this account whose gender identity you want to know, try to analyze the comment first, then try to visit the profile of the commenter And determine if she belongs to the same city, for example, if she has a personal photo, and if she also receives comments from the other party whose identity you want to know and tried to analyze it.

2- The number of friends on this account

If you find, for example, on this account more than 3000 friends or less, know that the account is very unlikely to be a girl, because it is inconceivable that a girl has such a large number of friends, except in very rare cases.

3- The date the account was created

If you receive a friend request from a girl and find that the account was created hours ago, and it contains a small number of friends, for example, 10, 20 or 30 friends may reach, then you should ask yourself whether it is really a girl’s account? It is highly unlikely.

4- Picture of the account

If you find a semi-nude picture and there is some kind of temptation on this account, know that it is a policy for a way to win many friendships in a short time for this young man who betrayed the image of a girl, and in the event that you saw a normal picture, try to see if she has other pictures in the account, and if you do not find So know that he stole it from another girl to put it in his account so that everyone could be prepared that it was a normal account.

5- Messages that you receive from a girl's account

If you receive a message from an account claiming to be a girl and asking you, for example, for some interests, such as sending phone recharge cards, then know that it is mostly for a girl who assumes the girl’s personality.

6- A list of his friends and her expressions

If you find an account with the friends list open to everyone, that is, without privacy, you can log in to see her pictures and her wall even when she is not your friends, it is among the signs that may indicate that the account may be for a boy and not a girl, in addition to her expression, you may find posts for her For example, in this way: Hey .. O group, I entered a new Facebook account. Send me requests, hai .. can I get to know boys and girls… etc. Such methods call for certainty that the account is not for a girl.

Conclusion :What everyone should know is that Facebook has immediately become a de facto pillar for the profit of visitors and the formation of a mass base to invest it in material profit, and within the framework that regulates Facebook policy, it becomes permissible for anyone to convert his profile into a page, and for this purpose some people exploit this given to win friends and followers with olves, then they turn To fans of the page whose origin was a girl's account, played by a clever young man who knows how to catch sheep easily.