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Details of the first foldable iPhone

   A leak reveals details of the first foldable iPhone

Two prototypes of foldable iPhones passed internal tests for durability.

And according to the ait news website, tests of the Apple-designed foldable hinge system for two different iPhones have been completed at Foxconn's factory in China.

Details of the first foldable iPhone

The first foldable iPhone to be tested is a dual-screen model, like the Galaxy Fold.

It is likely that it will be the same prototype of the dual screen that rumors appeared about in June 2020.

Leaks show that this model uses two separate screens, but they are connected by a hinge.

Although the prototype of this iPhone features two separate screens but connected by a hinge, the leaks claim that the screens appear connected and somewhat smooth.

According to the leaks, the second foldable iPhone that is undergoing testing is a foldable clamshell phone, like the Galaxy Z Flip.

The Taiwanese Economic Daily News said that the foldable iPhone will not appear until late 2022 or 2023 at the earliest.

Apple has applied for a large number of patents related to its foldable phone dating back to 2016, and it appears that work on such a phone is continuing.

Major companies have entered the field of manufacturing the foldable phone, as there have been news and leaks about the new Huawei foldable phone, which is expected to change the concepts of the world of smart devices with its unique specifications.

The phone has a prominent bezel that comes next to its foldable screen, includes a pair of camera lenses, and contains a button that is believed to be the power button and screen lock.

Samsung also announced its new Galaxy Z Fold 2 phone, which is distinguished by better durability and more wonderful colors than the previous generation.

And Xiaomi, the Chinese smartphone maker, has designed a revolutionary phone that is not only foldable, but also rotates, according to a patent filed by Xiaomi.