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Capcom presents PS4 and PS5 owners as an avatar to Resident Evil Village


Capcom is giving PS4 and PS5 owners an avatar Resident Evil Village, you can get the download code now ..

Capcom will begin to intensify the promotion of its next game Resident Evil Village during the next stage, as we learned earlier about a special exhibition event that will take place next Friday night, during which a demo of the game will be reviewed, along with the launch of a new show and the disclosure of many details, perhaps the launch date, including.

Today, Capcom, in cooperation with Sony, began offering players on the PS4 and PS5 platforms an avatar to one of the characters of the Resident Evil Village game, through a special code that can be activated through the PlayStation Store now, but unfortunately, after our experience, it was found that the code is only for the US store, while it cannot be activated through the Arab store. Or European.

The default that users will get is the character of the giant witch who appeared in the last teaser of the upcoming event next Friday, and all users can use the same code shown in the image above or through a copy from here [LEJH-M8N9-E5XF] Go to the US Playstation store here and click On the Redeem Code, to activate the default, which can be used for the personal file on the PlayStation devices.

Also, what caught our attention is that the code can be activated on PS4 devices even though the system does not contradict the fact that the two devices depend on the same network, but is there a hint here perhaps that the game will also be released on devices of the last generation after Capcom had previously hinted that it was studying this matter.

You can download the avatar now and wait for more exciting details at dawn next Friday as the date of the upcoming game event, and until then share your expectations about what will be revealed during this event and will we finally get a launch date?