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Cancel all reservations for PS5 cover designed as PS2 after the company receives threats.


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 Cancel all reservations for PS5 cover designed as PS2 after the company receives threats.

Earlier, it was announced by a third-party company that they would manufacture and produce custom covers for the PS5 that give the look and feel of the PS2, and these removable and changeable covers will be dedicated to the PS5 and also the DualSense controller.

When SUP3R5 announced the start of the pre-order opening for reservations, the store witnessed a great turnout, but only hours after the start of receiving reservation requests, we were surprised by the store’s announcement that they canceled all of them and started returning money to some consumers. This announcement followed through the store’s Twitter account of canceling the production and sale process because they received threats .
Last night, our team began receiving credible threats to their safety. We take these threats seriously and as a result, we are not going forward. All orders will be canceled with a full refund.

 We do not know the source of these threats, and are they coming from Sony, which opposes the entry of any third-party company in the field of producing and selling PS5 covers, or are they threats from a third party, but what is remarkable is that the SUP3R5 accounts on social media have all been deleted after this announcement.

This led some to believe that they were exposed to fraud through a fake account, but according to reports published on the Internet, some users have begun to receive their money that they used in advance reservations, and we are waiting for more details about the matter in the coming hours.

In any case, for those looking to obtain modified covers for the PS5, dbrand is still adhering to the challenge of Sony to produce and sell the modified covers that are supposed to start producing and distributing them on the market early this year 2021.