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Bitcoin has become one of the 10 most valuable assets in the world


 Bitcoin continues its bullish trend and continues to break records in close time.

Today, the Bitcoin currency achieved a new record of $ 35,766 on the Binance platform, so that the price of Bitcoin rose by more than 75% in the past month and nearly 25% in the past week.

The rise in the price of Bitcoin contributed to the increase in the total market value of Bitcoin to reach $ 653 million, and as a result, the total market value of the crypto market in general rose to close to achieving its first trillion, with only $ 54 billion separating it from achieving this.

Bitcoin among the top 10 most valuable assets in the world:

Bitcoin's high price contributed to its entry into the list of the most valuable assets in the world, according to “Asset Dash”, which tracks stocks, exchange-traded funds and cryptocurrencies.

Less than two weeks ago, Bitcoin replaced Visa on the list.

Just five days later, Bitcoin defeated Berkshire Hathaway, the company run by bitcoin critic Warren Buffett.

Since then, the Bitcoin BTC has also moved to defeat the "Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing" company.

As for the companies that still outperform bitcoin in terms of total market value, most of them are giant companies such as Apple, which heads the list with a total market value of $ 2.23 trillion, followed by Microsoft, $ 1.65 trillion, Amazon $ 1.62 trillion, Alphabet, which stands behind Google, $ 1.18 trillion. , And Facebook 773 billion dollars.

There is also a Chinese company, Tencent, which has a market value of 734 billion dollars, and the market value of Tesla, which is managed by Elon Musk, is 696 billion dollars.

The market value of Bitcoin beat the Chinese technology company "Alibaba", which is worth 650 billion dollars, hours ago.

It is worth noting that Bitcoin is not the only digital currency that makes upward moves in which it competes with international companies, but Ethereum is now a strong asset also with a total market value estimated at more than $ 126.7 billion.

Ethereum rose by 50% in the past week, helping it outpace financial services firm Morgan Stanley and Starbucks.