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Best apps to delete duplicate photos and files from your phone 2021


The best apps to delete duplicate photos and files from your phone to free up more space

We all used our portable camera at some point to take pictures during a trip, event, or just for fun and instead of taking just one photo, we repeat it multiple times and then "pick the best of all."

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The truth is, we then forget to delete those photos and over time the mobile phone's memory is occupied. Ultimately, deleting one by one is a little daunting and a lot of times we leave them there forever.

This will not be a problem anymore, because below we offer you the best apps to delete duplicate photos from your gallery without complications and with just a few gestures. Do you want to know what they are? Join us to discover them!

Remo Duplicate

Remo Duplicate is probably one of the most popular duplicate photo eraser app and it's no coincidence. It is available for Android and iOS, completely free of charge.

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Once the app is installed, you must grant it the necessary permissions to start doing its work. Thanks to its algorithm, it can recognize and find similar and duplicate photos taken in batches inside your mobile phone, even those that you have received through other applications.

Smart Cleaner

Available for iOS and Android devices, Smart Cleaner is a powerful app to delete all kinds of duplicate files on your smartphone or tablet.

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It is able to identify, group and remove all duplicate contacts, similar screenshots and photos automatically through the smart cleaning system.
As interesting data, this application allows you to group all pictures by location in your gallery and eliminate all the pictures that you do not want. Undoubtedly, a very complete alternative that is worth a try, as it is completely free in Google Play

Duplicate Files Fixer

The last app on our list is one of the best alternatives for not only deleting duplicate photos in your gallery, but also for deleting duplicate photos, audios, videos, documents, files or contacts on your Android device.

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The operation of this application is very simple and intuitive, so it should not take you more than 2 minutes to familiarize yourself with it. Duplicate Files Fixer distributes each file type separately, making it highly specialized.
Once it finds a duplicate file, it shows you a preview of the location and size it is occupying so that you can choose whether or not to delete it. If you wish, you can select and delete folders.